We are beyond excited to introduce the latest additions to our team!

Welcome Palak Agarwal!

She's a fullstack developer fluent in Javascript, HTML/CSS (including bootstrap and handlebars), jQuery, AJAX, Node and Express, database functionality (e.g mongoDb, MySQL), PHP, socket.io, and React/React Native.

She's also a high school senior at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy where shes the CEO of the entrepreneurship program, which offers students the chance to learn about business models, lean startups, and get hands-on experience in Chicago business incubators.

If you can dream it, she can code it! Websites, Android, and iOS apps too!

Welcome Jason Barraza!

He's a Business Analytics and Marketing major at the University of Miami, with experience in web design and development.

Jason is trilingual; with English and Spanish fluency, and intermediate fluency in Chinese.

Jason is certified in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Adwords, so his skills bridge the gap between digital information and actionable changes to generate more traffic to your site, for the best price!